Bear Oldermen Yachting
Gay Yacht tours for bears and older men aroud the Turkish coast in a Turkish Gullet.

Kara (K)

Siraselviler Caddesi, 91/4 Taksim/Istanbul

Soðanci Sokak No.7 Cihangir. Right accross the Taksim hospital, the first floor of the Bilsak building.
Tel: +90-212-243-2879 ext 117 (Ask for Barbahce)
8-9 PM until 2 AM. Closed on Sundays.
Gray 30 %, Admirers 20%, Rent/Hustlers 20 %, Music Level 5, Cruise Factor 8, Elegance Factor 8
Can get absolutly avant-garde, esp. weekends. Different programs on different days. Newly decorated as the name suggests: (Bar-bahce = Bar-garden) . The manager is a beautiful young guy, but I'm afraid he's occupied nowadays. No entrance fee. Weekends and wednesdays they remove the gates for more space, therefore wear something light. Might sponatenously turn into a dance floor.
Update 0802: The manager has just left the place and instead opened a beauty parlor on the fourth floor of the same building. The other factors still apply. The new manager is bartending too. Great looking waiters.

Sepetciler Kasri, Kennedy Street no 3, Sarayburnu, Eminonu
Tel: +90-212-511 6386
Opening times: 11:30 PM - 4 AM
Gray25% Admirers 15% Rent 5% Music 8 Cruise 8 Elegance 7
Incredible atmosphere, on a wooden platform built on the sea, 180 degree panorama of the Bosphorus. Packed and a queue outside on weekends after 2 AM. Since it is an open air venue, it is only for the summer, and won't be open in the winter. Trendy boys with short pants and muscled guys with only jeans on are abundant. The DJ playing after 2 AM has a magnificient set, ranging from techno to underground.

G-Club (ex-14)
Abdulhakhamid Street 63, Talimhane (very near Taksim square)
Tel: +90-212-256 2121
Opening times: 9 PM - 4 AM
Gray 20% Admirers 20% Rent 5-10% Music Level 9 Cruise 7 Elegance 7
Excellent sound system, great underground music. Mixed crowd. Packed on weekends. Overly attractive bartenders, usually stripped down to their boxer briefs. Manager is a beautiful blond, and he will be most helpful.

Cumhuriyet Caddesi 349, Harbiye (opposite the military museum)
Opening times: 11 PM - 4 AM
Gray 25% Admirers 20% Rent 15% Music Level 8 Cruise 9 Elegance 5
Spacious bar/club, crowded on weekends. Pop music and sometimes Turkish pop. Good dancefloor. The clientele mostly are from Neo since the owners are the same.

Lamartin Caddesi 11/4 taksim (quite near Taksim square)
Tel: +90-212-237 43 26 / 28 +90-535-825-9793 (mobile)
Opening times: 11 AM - 2 AM
Older Men 10% Admirers 15% Rent 0 Music Level 4 Cruise 6 Elegance Factor 6
A newly opened bar-restaurant in the heart of the city. beautiful decoration and a wide range of designer food with a Turkish touch. Mostly quiet and calm but peaks off esp. on weekends in the evening. Perfect for birthday/anniversary parties. Striking decoration.

Lamartin Caddesi No. 40 Z Taksim. (below the ground).
Tel: +90-212-254-4526
9 PM until 2 AM
Older Men 40 % (weekdays, quoting the manager ) Admirers 20% Rent/Hustlers 20%
Music Level 5, Cruise Factor 7, Elegance Factor 6
Mainly a bar, but occasionally has some drag shows. Weekends are witness to great crowds. The manager is a lively and funny guy and will be most helpful. A small entrance fee.

Tarlabasi Caddesi no.28-A, TAKSIM. Quite near the Taksim square.
Tel: +90-212-235-7999
11 PM until 4 AM
Gray 25 % ,Admirers 20%, Rent/Hustlers 30 %, Music Level 9, Cruise Factor 9, Elegance 6
Report 0202: The furnisihing is reminiscent of the Parisienne club Prive. Quite lively place, especially on weekends and wednesdays. Reasonable entrance paid. The guy who runs the place (Omar) is about 35 and truly hyperactive and exhilirating guy. He will most probably be waiting outside the door to welcome his guests. The club boasts occasionally some quite renowned guests such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Kenzo, Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn, and Madonna's dancers (I am a witness to that).

Sugar Club Cafe
Sakasalim Cikmazi 7, (off Istiklal Street, near Alhamra Cinema), Beyoglu
Opening times: 10 AM - midnight
Gray 15% Admirers 20& Rent 0 Music Level 2 Cruise 5 Elegance Factor 5
Sweet cafe with minimalistic decoration. Quoting the local magazine "a damn good cafe, an extensive menu of food and a wide selection of high quality, low priced drinks". The upstairs lounge has some comfortable cushions for relaxing. Or you can sit outside watching the passers-by.

Merutiyet Caddesi 50, galatasaray (near British consulate, opposite Hotel Dunya) 10 Pm - 4 AM
Gray 40% Admirers 30% Rent 20% Music Level 8 Cruise 9 Elegance 1
Dark cave like venue with lots of moustached men and belly-dancing boys. Merciless Turkish pop. Hot, cheap and crowded, this is where you can loose all your inhibitions. It's also where you can loose your wallet!

Blue Movies
RUYA (g)
Istiklal Cad. 128 Taksim Action is possible in the back seats.
Gray:%30 Admirer 30% Elegance: 4 Cruise:?

Hamams (Saunas)

12-22 h Voyvoda Cad. (Persembe Pazari) Yeni Cesme Sok. KARAKÖY
Gray :50% Admirer: 40% Elegance:2 Cruise:7
Grayreport: The hours of operation vary - at the whim of the staff, who are rather terrible - they really wish to rip ypou off for a massaage and expect exhorbitant tips, which you eventually knock down to two or three million!! Then all the staff around the door on the way out expect payment for non-provided services, except for a sprinkle of rose water! It is rather grotty, very few Grays present - just me really on the two occasions I was there, with lecherous turks who wished to insert things into me! No protected sex and it is rather dangerous, but if you struggle and get away they take that as a 'No"!
Cruising is difficult, unless you like filthy toilets, eastern style, as the massage providers patrol the place hoping you will take another massage!
The massages are good, but you have to keep their fingers from entering certain parts of your anatomy! One really does not know where they already have been, but can gues!! Low in elegance.

Altipatlar Cihangir
(middle-aged and older men)

10-21 h Çatalçesme Sok. Sultanahmet
Gray :25% Admirer :40% Elegance 5 Cruise 8
Kosk was easier to find, but I was the only Gray and it was not well patronised - I got the impression they would be busy during the day, not at night. Anyone with any appearance was after money and the massage men were very difficult as to their service fee!!
Report: July 2002
Kosk Hammum was fun during the day I think around lunch and mid afternoon. You have to listen for the door because the attendant comes thru every once in a while and wants your groin covered and your thongs on. Other then that it was fun.

Cruising Area
Taksim Park the bosphorus side day and night.
Around Mc Donalds in Taksim Square
Fairth Park - across from the Fatih Statue where the ruins of a roman jail are. Mostly middle aged and old gay man with moustache

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