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pink traingle Tuscon Gay Couples May Get Partner Registry February
Gay couples in Tuscon, Arizona, may get the state's first domestic-partner registry. The Arizona Daily Star reports that a city commission is seeking creation of the registry for couples, who are unable to marry.

Registration would require hospitals in the city to allow visitation by partners, which most already do, and give partners the same standing as traditional families when qualifying for city services, such as recreation programs.

The commission hopes to present the issue to the city council this spring. In the 1970s, Tucson was the first Arizona city to outlaw discrimination against lesbians and gay men, opening the way for other cities, and eventually the state, to follow suit.

pink traingle B.C., Canada - Gay Marriage court case goes ahead
Eight same-sex couples are pressing ahead with their fight for the right to marry in the B.C. Court of Appeal. A three-judge panel will start hearing their case Monday. Lloyd Thornhill and Bob Peacock are one of the couples being represented in the case. They told CTV Vancouver that they're more than ready to tie the knot as they approach their 35th anniversary as a couple. "We would like to be married before they put us into a seniors home," Thornhill told CTV's Shannon Patterson.

pink traingle Seniors sex advice centre to open in San Francisco (Reuters Feb 19 2003) A typical 17-year-old American probably has a lot of ideas on how to gather information about sex. But where does an older person turn? A new center in San Francisco opening on Thursday is promising to act as an impartial clearinghouse of information on the finer and not-so-fine points of sex for all ages. The goal is nothing less than to "make America safe for sexuality," Gilbert Herdt, director of the new National Sexuality Resource Center, said in an interview on Wednesday. "There is no major center where people in midlife or seniors can go and access reliable, open and honest factual information about human sexuality," he said. "We all believe that no matter how old you are you can still learn," he said. "For a lot of people in the United States, pleasure is a word they have never, ever uttered in the context of sexuality." (Any volunteers to help? - Ed)

pink traingle Internet chat rooms provide risky sex - AP February 11, 2003
Chat rooms on gay Web sites are becoming a common place for arranging risky sexual encounters, a survey found, as experts worry about a possible upswing in HIV infections. Research released Tuesday suggests that for some, the Internet serves the same hazardous purpose as gay bathhouses did in the early 1980s, when the AIDS virus first spread rampantly among homosexual men.

pink traingle Viagra lovers say hello to 'Cialis' - Reuters Feb 4th
European men will be the first to receive new anti-impotence drug; possible U.S. debut in late 2003.

A new anti-impotence pill has gone on sale in Europe, signalling the start of a multi-billion-dollar battle for a market so far dominated by Pfizer Inc.'s famous blue tablets, Viagra.

Eli Lilly's UK arm said Monday British and German men will be the first to receive its new anti-impotence drug, Cialis, which its makers claim lasts longer and acts faster than Viagra.

Cialis, the new yellow pill claimed to stay active in the system for 24 hours, against three or four hours for Viagra, should permit greater sexual spontaneity by letting men and their partners choose the right moment for love-making. Cialis, does not create a permanent state of arousal but means men can achieve an erection in response to sexual stimulation. Studies show it works in four out of five of those with ED.

pink traingle AMDA: Gay Elders Face Uncomfortable Realities in Long Term Care
By the year 2030, there will be four million gay elders in the United States, according to the Policy Institute of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF) in New York City. These gay elders, like gay people of all ages, live in a social environment dominated by heterosexism, to which they accommodate with varying degrees of frustration and satisfaction, dependence and independence, according to Policy Institute Director Sean Cahill, PhD, who is also coauthor of Outing Age: Public Policy Issues Affecting Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Elders. ...More

pink traingle LTR Gay couple focus of new French-Canadian TV series
MONTREAL - Quebec television is about to get its first ever prime-time series focused on the lives of gay characters. Michel Tremblay Called Le Coeur découvert (Open Heart), the series was created and written by French-Canadian playwright and novelist Michel Tremblay. It debuts Thursday night. It follows the lives of two men involved in a long-term relationship. The series explores some of the ups and downs of that relationship: the impact of a career-crisis, how to raise a son and their friendship with a group of strong-willed women. Tremblay says when he first suggested the series in 1989, Radio-Canada refused to produce it. "They were afraid probably that the public wasn't ready," said Tremblay. "It's never the public who are afraid, it's them. It's the people who put money. They don't want to lose their money." But Tremblay says the sexuality is not a big part of the show. He believes the depiction of human relationships will be the most important. "I'm a bit tired of gays on TV or in the movies [who] are always beautiful people meeting beautiful people," said Tremblay. He says he's interested in developing the storyline around long-term gay relationships. The episodes were screened before an audience of seniors familiar with Tremblay's theatre plays. Most said they found the series amusing.

pink traingle In the News: Older Men Make Better Lovers, Psychologist Says LONDON (Reuters) - Older men are better lovers and have fewer impotence problems than their younger counterparts, with the "male menopause" a myth pedaled by drug companies to sell their products, according to a British psychologist.

Dr. Lorraine Boule, from Sheffield University in northern England, told the British Psychological Society conference that men became more skilled sexually as they get older, British newspapers reported on Saturday. "Older men sustain erections for longer, are longer coming to orgasm, and satisfy [their partners] better. Sexual activity does diminish with age, but the quality should get better," she was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

Boule's conclusions were based on a survey of 185 married professional men aged 30 to 60. While 22 percent of men under 46 suffered erectile problems, only 16 percent of those over 46 did.

She dismissed as nonsense the idea that men needed testosterone as a hormone replacement therapy in the same way that some women take estrogen to ease the effects of menopause. The male menopause was a myth spread by drug firms to boost the multimillion dollar market for impotence treatments, she said.

"Life should really begin at 40 for those who have the right mindset," the Times quoted her as saying

pink traingle Ian McKellen answers your mail
Fans who visit British gay actor Ian McKellen's Web site ( and send him an e-mail likely will receive a personal response, Toronto's The Star reported Jan. 5. "His well-designed Web site invites fans to really get to know him, by perusing his stage and screen work of the past five decades and by communicating directly with him via e-mail -- which he actually answers, in a section called E-Post," The Star said.

pink traingle Gay Blind Date
Germany's Blind Date TV show is doing a gay episode. According to a Jan. 3 report by, bachelor Markus will choose a date from among Andreas, Patrick and Maik. "My friends think it's great for me to go public like that, and my boss even collects newspaper clippings about the show," Markus said.

pink traingle Pitsburgh Survey reveals senior gay needs
Wednesday, January 29, 2003

" People of all ages wanted places, like coffee houses or community clubs, in which they could socialize without fear. Older ages groups worried about long-term care needs, in part because most won't have adult children to care for them.

Assistance with living wills, powers of attorney and estate planning was needed to resolve concerns about protecting and empowering domestic partners.

"We had a lot of concern across different segments of the community that health-care providers really are not being trained to address issues of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered people," Quinn said. She noted that almost three out of 10 people had not informed their doctors of their sexual orientation. "


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