pink traingle Berlin To Open Gay Retirement Home
by Newscenter Staff Posted: December 6, 2004 12:01 am ET
(Berlin) As the baby boom generation ages gay and lesbian seniors are finding themselves more an more isolated. In a world that honors youth many older gays find themselves shut out from gay society, and as they look to retirement they find few options open to them.

Berlin, with one of Europe's largest gay community is about to open a publicly financed gay retirement home. The 150-apartment retirement home will open its doors in early 2006 in the Schoeneberg district, Berlin's gay quarter. More

pink traingle Gay Games launches 50+ Seniors campaign
The Federation of Gay Games has launched a campaign to encourage seniors 50+ to get involved in the Gay Games as participants, volunteers or spectators. Gay Games VII Sports and Cultural Festival will take place 15-22 July 2006 in Chicago, and will include over 30 sports events including 13 that have specific age categories, plus others that don't require athletic ability. has signed up to be a partner for this event and to promote the Senior campaign. Athletes and artists who register before 31st December 2004 receive early registration discounts.More

pink traingle Homophobia Spikes Gay Health Issues
by Peter Moore London Bureau Posted: December 1, 2004 11:02 am ET
A mountain of evidence is growing to show that discrimination often leads to an increase in mental health problems within the gay community. In a report published today in the British Journal of Psychiatry, researchers from Imperial College London, University College London and the University of Brighton found that high levels of discrimination including physical attacks and bullying could be linked to high levels of mental disorder. More

pink traingle Safe sex warnings in chatrooms, Thursday, 02 December 2004
Health workers might join gay internet chatrooms to promote safe sex messages after government-backed research suggested half of gay men go online for sex. A two-year study of more than 4,000 gay men also found those using the net were more likely to report high-risk behaviour or a sexually transmitted infection than others. Only a small proportion of gay men used the internet alone to find partners, said Jonathan Elford, of City University, London, who conducted the study. More

pink traingle Canadian seniors unaware of AIDS risk
CBC British Columbia Thu, 02 Dec 2004 12:56 PM PST TORONTO
More Canadians over 50 are living with AIDS, but older people often don't see themselves at risk, says one doctor who treats them. In 2002, one in five AIDS cases were in people aged 50 or older, up from one in nine in 1994, according to Health Canada. More

pink traingle Canadian Gays Win $140 Million Lawsuit
by Jan Prout Toronto Bureau Posted: November 26 2004 1:14 pm ET
Older gays and lesbians Friday won the biggest class action lawsuit ever filed in Canada. The suit involved the survivors of same-sex relationships and their late partners' national pensions.


pink traingle The Graying of Gay America
The Santa Fe New Mexican 11/14/2004
They grew up being told they were mentally ill, now elderly gay Americans are trying to find their place in nursing homes and retirement centers Fresh milk on your doorstep. Knowing all your neighbors. Poodle skirts and sock-hops. Hard-working men coming home to their smiling wife and well-behaved children. Leave it to Beaver and Father Knows Best.

The 1950s with it's wholesome American dream image is what many seniors think of as "the good days." But for millions of Americans, the '50's hold memories of repression, fear and intolerance. "I go back to the bad old days. Things were bad for gay people," said Jay Hamilton, 76, a gay senior who works in local hospices with other gay elders coping with isolation, discrimination and self- esteem issues.

The National Gay & Lesbian Task Force estimates that the population of gay seniors in the United States is just under 3 million and by 2030 it could be nearly twice that. The task force also says that 10,000 more gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans reach retirement age every week without equal access to aging services and economic safety nets. More

pink traingle UK Commons Passes Civil Partnership Bill
by Peter Moore London Bureau Posted: November 9, 2004 8:05 pm ET

(London) The House of Commons Tuesday night passed legislation giving same-sex couples many of the same rights as married couples have. The bill would create a civil partner registry. Gay couples would have inheritance rights to their partners' estates, hospital visitation rights, and the right to receive the spouses share of their partner's pension.More

pink traingle Report: Americans growing taller and wider
WASHINGTON (AP) Friday, October 29, 2004 Posted: 11:43 AM EDT (1543 GMT)
Better nutrition has helped Americans grow a little taller. But it's been too much of a good thing: The nation is also a whole lot fatter.

Adults are roughly an inch taller than they were in the early 1960s, on average, and nearly 25 pounds heavier, the government reported Wednesday.

Among men, the increase in weight was most dramatic among older men: Those 60 to 74 were nearly 33 pounds heavier in 1999-2002 than men that age in the early 1960s. (Yum!- Ed.)More

pink traingle Homosexual Seniors Face Stigma
by William Kanapaux Geriatric Times November/December 2003
In 1969, gay activists took a stand against police harassment at the Stonewall Inn in New York City, representing the start of the gay rights movement. While the movement brought changes that many take for granted today, gay and lesbian seniors remember a different time, when homosexuality needed to remain hidden from the public and its institutions.

Gay and lesbian patients encounter negative reactions from service providers at all ages, but the experience can be especially difficult for seniors. "Gay and lesbian elders who grew up prior to the era of gay liberation face considerable obstacles to accessing health care," according to the report.More

pink traingle Home Sweet Homo
Cleveland Scene Wed, 20 Oct 2004 2:13 PM PDT
Joel Brown fantasizes about an Eden inhabited exclusively by elderly gay men. At 60, with a balding head and a starched, monogrammed shirt, Brown looks almost grandfatherly. Since 1988, he's operated the Parkside Male Residential Hotel, a refuge for men who have nowhere else to go. He's harbored sex offenders, convicts, and recovering drug addicts. A graying gay, Brown understands what being stranded is all about.

"....experts project the number of retirement-aged gays to be as high as 4 million and growing. Many of them lack the support system available to straight seniors. Because homosexuals can't marry, they're more likely to live alone. Even those in long-term relationships lack the Social Security, tax, and medical benefits that protect surviving members of conventional couples when one spouse dies. And they're unlikely to have children to care for them in old age. Checking into a conventional retirement home can mean going back into the closet. A tight-knit community of seniors who came of age in a less tolerant era isn't likely to embrace a mincing dandy with a soft spot for Bette Midler." More

pink traingle How nature allows the 'gay gene' to flourish
By Steve Connor, Science Editor, The Independent, 13 October 2004
Female relatives of gay men have bigger than average families, a controversial study into the biological basis of homosexuality reveals. However, this was only the case when the women were related to the man through his mother, the study found.

The findings are important because they provide an explanation for an apparent contradiction of the "gay gene" theory, which implies that if homosexuality is genetic then its determining genes would die out as gay men tend to have fewer children than heterosexual men.More

pink traingle Older Gays Gain Clout
Beth Shapiro Newscenter New York Bureau Posted: September 28, 2004 5:01 pm ET (New York City)
The number of graying gays is growing and they're demanding to be recognized by companies trying to sell to them.

A report by research publisher Packaged Facts highlights the diversity within the gay and lesbian population families, seniors, people of color and shows a growing sophistication among gays. The report says that LGBT will reach $610 billion in 2005.

The report indicates that at least 2 million gays are approaching or have already reached retirement age. By 2020, some 5.7 million, or 25% of the gay community, will be 50 or older. The report also projects that there are 1.8 million gay and lesbian households with children, and there are approximately 2.6 million children living with gay parents. More

pink traingle Does the sky fall . . . when you're old and g(r)ay?
By Charles Alexander Originally printed 8/5/04 (Issue 1232 )

There are two million LGBT seniors in America who are over age 60; and every year an estimated 400,000 turn 50. According to the Policy Institute of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, that number will double by 2035. Be prepared. Your turn will come. (Sooner or later.)

While LGBTs have made visible strides since Stonewall,1969 -- and moreso since the American Psychiatric Association dropped homosexuality as a sickness in 1973 -- little mainstream research has been done on LGBT aging, with negligible data on minorities, bisexuals and transgendered persons. LGBT seniors, mostly invisible in America, face medical, social service, and retirement options that are, with few exceptions, primarily oriented to the psychological, physical, social, and religious needs of their straight counterparts (of which 13 percent of the total population is now over 65).More

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